See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

See What I Have Done is one of those books that gets an awful lot of hype and press, and often this puts me off for some reason - but in this case it is entirely deserved and I couldn't be happier to see promos and reviews all over social media. I read a proof… Continue reading See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt

Looking back on the books of 2016

This is another overdue blog post, but one that I've really been looking forward to writing. I read 31 books in 2016, of varying quality, but overall it was a good reading year. I tried to branch out, accepting a total of eight review copies from publishers - which is a lot for me these… Continue reading Looking back on the books of 2016

Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

I try to read a mixture of old and new books, and often find myself reading 'new' books some time after they come out, purely because I always have so many books I want to read that I rarely get to read things when they are really new. Often I just get to look at… Continue reading Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

Maggie O’Farrell at Blackwell’s, Oxford

There's a chance you're aware that Maggie O'Farrell has a new novel out - I may have mentioned it. She is doing a series of events promoting the books, one of which was a talk at Blackwell's in Oxford with Sarah Franklin. I hadn't organised myself to get hold of a ticket, but then my… Continue reading Maggie O’Farrell at Blackwell’s, Oxford

Can We Take a Minute to Appreciate the New Maggie O’Farrell Hardback?!

I recently reviewed Maggie O'Farrell's new book This Must Be The Place, after the publisher kindly sent me a lovely review copy. It was a very attractive review copy, but my hardback copy arrived today from Wordery, and my goodness it is beautiful. Whoever came up with and executed its design deserves all the awards.… Continue reading Can We Take a Minute to Appreciate the New Maggie O’Farrell Hardback?!

Look at Me by Sarah Duguid

The premise for Look at Me is simple but effective; and in fact I'd describe most of the book that way too. Our central character Lizzy and her brother Ig discover that their father has a daughter they didn't know about. They find out by chance after coming across a letter from said daughter, and… Continue reading Look at Me by Sarah Duguid

Kind of a random blog post that’s kind of related to Christmas

Hello all, my apologies for not posting for almost a month! I have been busy at work which = super tired, plus I have been reading quite slowly recently for some reason, so I haven't had many books to review. I did finish Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood the other week, and have a brilliant… Continue reading Kind of a random blog post that’s kind of related to Christmas

#thisbeautiful : Growing Up in the 1970s

There was buzz around this novel a long time before publication. I started seeing the #thisbeautiful hashtag on Twitter in I think May, a full five months before the publication date. Promotion seems to be starting earlier and earlier for books these days! As long as we keep it up and don't forget the books… Continue reading #thisbeautiful : Growing Up in the 1970s

Sex, Lies and Holiday Homes: The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh

We all behave differently when we're on holiday, indulging ourselves and letting everything go a bit. But does being away from home really make life any different? Does it really change how we behave and how we live our lives? It certainly seems to for Jenn, the central character in Helen Walsh's The Lemon Grove.… Continue reading Sex, Lies and Holiday Homes: The Lemon Grove by Helen Walsh

New Fiction: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd

On her eleventh birthday Sarah is given her own personal slave as a present by her mother. This slave is Handful, and she is thrust in front of Sarah during her birthday celebrations with a ribbon around her neck. Sarah is horrified that she is expected to own another human being; and she decides to… Continue reading New Fiction: The Invention of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd