Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

I try to read a mixture of old and new books, and often find myself reading 'new' books some time after they come out, purely because I always have so many books I want to read that I rarely get to read things when they are really new. Often I just get to look at… Continue reading Most Anticipated Upcoming Books

So, about TBR20…

Earlier this year I pledged to 'do' TBR20, the reading challenge created by Eva Stalker and taken up by many book bloggers. The aim is to pick 20 books that you own but have not read, and pledge not to buy any more books until you've read those 20. Seems like a good idea right? We… Continue reading So, about TBR20…


In my last post I wrote about the troubles of having too many books to read. I also posted recently about using a book jar, something which I have, and am able to use - but haven’t yet, because really I haven’t needed to. Really it’s there just in case I need it. But frankly… Continue reading #TBR20

The Book Jar

I’m sure many of you will have heard of a book jar (lots of bloggers do it, and it’s been a Thing for a while now), but for those of you who don’t, here’s a quick rundown: it is essentially a way to choose what to read next when you have way too many books… Continue reading The Book Jar

Top Ten Books On My TBR

This was supposed to be a Top Ten Tuesday post, but I haven't had the time recently to post on the correct day! So I thought I'd share this on a random day instead. I tried and failed to actually rank these in some kind of order (they all look amazing) so they have ended… Continue reading Top Ten Books On My TBR