Announcement! Young Writer of the Year 2018

Happy Wednesday dear readers! I am very pleased to announce that this year I am part of the Shadow Panel for the Young Writer of the Year Award. Along with four other book bloggers, I will be reading the books on the shortlist for the award and choosing a Shadow winner. They all look fascinating… Continue reading Announcement! Young Writer of the Year 2018

Summer roundup!

It is the August bank holiday - and I think summer is over. I shed a tear, but I'm also pleased to be able to wear all my nice jumpers. Plus we're going on holiday to France next weekend, so I can't really complain. It's been a pretty good summer, with both my boyfriend and… Continue reading Summer roundup!

Book blogger/book tuber meet-up!

The brilliant Kirsty invited me to a meet-up of book bloggers (most people were 'book tubers', I was like the only person without a YouTube channel) in London on 25th July. I've met other bloggers before, but this was en masse, so I was nervous but excited. We met at King's Cross, by Watermark Books… Continue reading Book blogger/book tuber meet-up!

So, about TBR20…

Earlier this year I pledged to 'do' TBR20, the reading challenge created by Eva Stalker and taken up by many book bloggers. The aim is to pick 20 books that you own but have not read, and pledge not to buy any more books until you've read those 20. Seems like a good idea right? We… Continue reading So, about TBR20…

A Love Letter to… Letters

My cousin and I used to write letters to each other when we were about seven. I have always exchanged letters with my aunt who lives in Austria. I have written to my old teachers. But I don't write as many letters as I used to - too little time, too easy to write an… Continue reading A Love Letter to… Letters


In my last post I wrote about the troubles of having too many books to read. I also posted recently about using a book jar, something which I have, and am able to use - but haven’t yet, because really I haven’t needed to. Really it’s there just in case I need it. But frankly… Continue reading #TBR20

Announcing the Capote Summer Readathon! (with The Literary Sisters)

I am very pleased to announce that I am taking part in my first ever readathon! It will take place over July and August and will feature the writing of none other than Truman Capote. This is a joint readathon with Kirsty of The Literary Sisters. So why Capote? Kirsty posted a flash review of… Continue reading Announcing the Capote Summer Readathon! (with The Literary Sisters)

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I am very pleased to announce that These Little Words has been nominated for a Very Inspiring Blogger award. This is an award given by bloggers to other bloggers (of any type) and I was very kindly nominated by Hannah Renowden of Hannah Reads Stuff, a fantastic book blog that I've recently discovered. I am… Continue reading The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

In Which I Discuss The Role Of The Blogger And Why I Blog – And How I Am Going To Blog From Now On

Recently I have been looking back through a lot of my old blog posts, from this blog and a previous incarnation that I wrote from 2009 to 2011 while still at university. I only posted on there about 10 times in total and the posts are a bit random and there aren't really book reviews per… Continue reading In Which I Discuss The Role Of The Blogger And Why I Blog – And How I Am Going To Blog From Now On

What Do You Look For In A Book Blog?

As book bloggers and readers of book blogs, we all share a common interest and I’m sure we all look for pretty similar things when it comes to reading a blog - great content, an attractive site, and things that interest us on a personal level. Today I am thinking about that last thing in… Continue reading What Do You Look For In A Book Blog?