The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiSclafani

1930s America. 15 year old Thea Atwell is 'sent away' from her home in Florida to The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls, hidden in the North Carolina mountains. Her father drives her, though it is a long journey, as '[her] parents did not trust [her] enough to let [her] ride the train alone.' We soon… Continue reading The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls by Anton DiSclafani

Post-Holiday Catch Up

Hello all I just got back last night from a week in Scotland with my boyfriend and so I am a little behind on all the events and news du jour in the book world thanks to intermittent WiFi and hours spent driving around the highlands (both of which were actually awesome). I've been glued… Continue reading Post-Holiday Catch Up

Maggie O’Farrell Fever: The Heatwave Is Here!

This week sees the publication of the first book from Tinder Press, which is very exciting in itself; what's even more exciting (I know) is the fact that it is the new novel by the much-loved Maggie O'Farrell. Instructions for a Heatwave is her sixth novel and the first of hers that I have read,… Continue reading Maggie O’Farrell Fever: The Heatwave Is Here!

Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley

From the outset, everything about this novel is mysterious. The tagline on the cover reads, 'Not everyone wants to be saved'. The inside cover reads, One father; two daughters; fifty wives. They're waiting for Salvation. Pray it never comes. In the wake of a suspicious fire, Amaranth gathers her children and flees from the rural… Continue reading Amity & Sorrow by Peggy Riley

Instructions For A Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell

Instructions For A Heatwave is the sixth novel from the extremely popular Maggie O'Farrell, one of the titles from new imprint Tinder Press, and the first of her books I have read. O'Farrell was yet another one of those authors I had always heard good things about but for some reason had never actually read. To… Continue reading Instructions For A Heatwave by Maggie O’Farrell