Re-reading: Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada (1947)

I first read Alone in Berlin in 2011 just after I'd left university. I'd read a lot of books about the Second World War for a course at university, and my further reading (and time on Twitter) led me to this novel. It was only translated into English in 2009, so in 2011 it was… Continue reading Re-reading: Alone in Berlin by Hans Fallada (1947)


The Second World War: Selected Reading

Note on photos: where possible I have photographed my own books. I own the others mentioned in this post but don't have the books with me, so have used photos from GoodReads.   It would be impossible to narrow down the absolute best books about the Second World War, not least because there are scores… Continue reading The Second World War: Selected Reading

Monsieur Le Commandant by Romain Slocombe

Gallic Books kindly offered to send me a review copy of Monsieur Le Commandant - the cover got me straight away. A beautiful graphic font, not too busy, and a French stamp mingled with a Nazi eagle in the corner - something that becomes more and more poignant and chilling as you make your way… Continue reading Monsieur Le Commandant by Romain Slocombe

More Lives Than One: A Biography of Hans Fallada by Jenny Williams

Last year (2011) I read Fallada's final novel Alone in Berlin, after reading about it in various magazines - it seemed to be unanimously praised, and thee subject matter seemed interesting, so I gave it a go. I wrote a review of it for a former (and frankly less good) incarnation of this blog, which… Continue reading More Lives Than One: A Biography of Hans Fallada by Jenny Williams