The Second World War: Selected Reading

Note on photos: where possible I have photographed my own books. I own the others mentioned in this post but don't have the books with me, so have used photos from GoodReads.   It would be impossible to narrow down the absolute best books about the Second World War, not least because there are scores… Continue reading The Second World War: Selected Reading

Sagan, Paris 1954 by Anne Berest

On the publisher's website, Sagan, Paris 1954 is described as am "intimate narrative" and I think that is the best way to describe it. "Intimate" because it is a deeply personal book for the author, Anne Berest, and it explores her relationship with Francoise Sagan as a reader; and "narrative" because it tells a story.… Continue reading Sagan, Paris 1954 by Anne Berest

The People in the Photo by Helene Gestern (2011)

I'm a big fan of Gallic Books and was very pleased when they sent me this novel out of the blue, despite never having heard of it or author Helene Gestern. According to Gallic's website The People in the Photo has won more than twenty literary awards, which is incredible. It has a very simple… Continue reading The People in the Photo by Helene Gestern (2011)

Monsieur Le Commandant by Romain Slocombe

Gallic Books kindly offered to send me a review copy of Monsieur Le Commandant - the cover got me straight away. A beautiful graphic font, not too busy, and a French stamp mingled with a Nazi eagle in the corner - something that becomes more and more poignant and chilling as you make your way… Continue reading Monsieur Le Commandant by Romain Slocombe

The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain

The President's Hat is a charming little novel that really cheered me up on a dreary afternoon, and I am glad Gallic Books sent it to me. Set in 1986, the novel tells the story of a hat that belongs to French President Francois Mitterand; Daniel is sitting in a Paris bistro when the President… Continue reading The President’s Hat by Antoine Laurain

Helena Rubinstein: The Woman Who Invented Beauty by Michele Fitoussi

This book came to me entirely by chance when I saw it was up for grabs from the publisher Gallic Books on Twitter. I had heard of Helena Rubinstein at some point, not sure where, but my first memory of hearing her name was in an episode of Sex and the City when the girls… Continue reading Helena Rubinstein: The Woman Who Invented Beauty by Michele Fitoussi