Calling all writers – I need YOU!

I have some very exciting news, and I’m going to get right to the point. I am launching a new blog that will be dedicated to the most important things in life outside of the world of books (I know, hard to believe there is life beyond books). I have a small team of fellow bloggers on board, and we are working on ideas for posts. But I also want YOU to get involved.

The point is that this will be a blog written by book bloggers and bookish people about the rest of life. We know our way around the world of books, but what do we know and think about the other things that matter? About politics, gender, movies, music, our careers? I want to know!

So, what happens next? The blog itself is still being put together, and we have a few weeks until the launch. NOW is the time that I want to hear from you with your ideas, and I want to get several pieces lined up to open with. We have a few things underway already, but there is always room for more content. So this post is really my call to all writers and bloggers (you don’t have to be a book blogger) to submit ideas for the new blog.

You can email me at and introduce yourself. Tell me who you are, where you’ve written before, and what you’d like to write about. The core will be feminism/media with forays into politics, body image, reviews of music, TV, and film, and a bit of whatever else you fancy. What is important to you? What do you find most or least relatable in the media and why? Who is your idol and why? How do you relate to modern feminism? What do you think of Jeremy Corbyn?  You see what I mean.

It’s time for the internet to hear from us ordinary folk about what really matters to us the most. Our struggles and successes, our triumphs and tribulations.

I can’t wait to hear from you!

If you have any questions, either email me or comment below. Or, you can get in touch on Twitter. I am @lizzi_thom.



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