Announcement: Foyles Affiliate Programme

I am pleased to announce that I am now part of the Foyles Affiliate Programme. You may have heard of the Amazon Affiliate Programme, and this works in the same way. My posts will each include a link to buy the relevant book from Foyles. If a reader clicks through and purchases that book from Foyles, I receive a small commission. From now on you will see a link at the bottom of my blog posts that will lead you to Foyles.

You are under no pressure to buy the books that I talk about on this blog, so please don’t feel obliged! Foyles invited me to join and it seemed like a great way to support a bookshop I love, and it benefits me too. If you are a book blogger and are interested in joining the Foyles Affiliate Programme, you can find out more here.



1 thought on “Announcement: Foyles Affiliate Programme”

  1. Foyles is a fantastic bookshop. It’s brilliant because it does what all good bookshops should – presents you with books that look fascinating and which you’ve never heard of. I particularly like its support of small publishers, so good for you and I hope your affiliating proves rewarding!


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