Anais Nin on Printing Her Own Books

"The relation to handicraft is nourishing, beautiful. Related bodily to a solid block of lead letters, to the weight of the composition tray, to the adroitness of spacing, the tempo and temper of the machine - you acquire some of the weight of the lead, the strength and power of the machine, the bodily conquests… Continue reading Anais Nin on Printing Her Own Books

55 Reading Questions

I saw these questions on Follow The Thread, and liked the way they approached reading, and the fact they were just for bloggers - so I thought I'd give them a go! 1. Favourite childhood book? When I was very young it was The Worst Witch, and then Lord of the Flies when I was slightly… Continue reading 55 Reading Questions

Henry and June: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin

As those who read my review of Nin's novel A Spy in the House of Love will know, I have always heard of this strange and exotic writer but have never known much about her. This edition of a section of her unexpurgated (uncensored) diary therefore promised to teach me more about the elusive Anais.… Continue reading Henry and June: The Unexpurgated Diary of Anais Nin

Nightwood by Djuna Barnes

I came to hear of Djuna Barnes when I started reading Anais Nin, who was influenced by her. I read a little about Barnes and liked what I read - she was an American in Paris in the 1920s, wrapped up in the Modernist scene. I read recommendations from TS Eliot. This was enough to… Continue reading Nightwood by Djuna Barnes

A Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin

Anais Nin is a name I have been familiar with for years, but an author I knew very little about. I only knew her to be a writer from the early 20th century, whose novels were often very erotic. I had always heard of A Spy in the House of Love and was always intrigued by the… Continue reading A Spy in the House of Love by Anais Nin