Upcoming Reads and Reviews, April 2017

Upcoming reviews

I am pleased to say I have finally finished reading Gareth Russell’s wonderful book about Catherine Howard, Young and Damned and Fair. It took me about a month to read, which is a long time for me, but it was so worth it. I am now planning a blog post about it in conjunction with Josephine Wilkinson’s book on Catherine that I finished in January. They are two very different books about the same woman and I think it will be really interesting to do a bit of a contrast and compare.



I also have two other books to review that I have read this year: The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson, and Labyrinths by Catrine Clay, which is a biography of Emma Jung, wife of Carl. These were two of the most interesting books that I have read recently, and reviews of them will soon be up!



Another review that will soon be up – it’s currently in drafts! – is See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt. This book has been creating rather a lot of buzz, and is out in early May. [Update: this review is now up here.]



Upcoming reads

As for books I am about to read, there are far too many of course, but these are the ones I am most looking forward to:

Gone: A Girl, A Violin, A Life Unstrung by Min Kym


All the Good Things by Clare Fisher


Leopard at the Door by Jennifer McVeigh


The Witchfinder’s Sister by Beth Underdown


By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept by Elizabeth Smart


A Broken Mirror by Mercè Rodoreda


The Lost City of Z by David Grann


These are books that I actually have copies of, so they are all I am going to include for now (the first four were kindly sent to me by Penguin, and the last three were purchases). There are way more on my GoodReads TBR that I am desperate to read, but until I actually have copies of them it feels too immaterial (literally) to commit to saying I will read them soon!

So there you have it – these are the books you can look forward to hearing about here on the blog and on my Twitter feed.

Which books are you looking forward to?

4 thoughts on “Upcoming Reads and Reviews, April 2017”

  1. I am so keen to hear your thoughts on Josephine Wilkinsons book on Catherine Howard (I actually referenced it as a good read in a post on Howard, so my fingers are crossed it gets your seal of approval!) personally I thought it was thorough but at the same time a good popcorn history read.

    I’m just starting on Devil In The White City- let me know how you get along with it!


    1. Thank you! I’m so glad I read about her properly and destroyed some misconceptions. Eager to read more about the other wives, particularly Anne Boleyn and Jane Seymour. Loved your post on Katherine though!

      I loved The Devil in the White City, such a fascinating book. Review up soon…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. So excited to read Devil in the white city!

        If you are keen to read up more on Anne and Jane I would totally suggest Alison Wier, Six Wives (in depth overview of each wife) and her book on Anne, The Lady in the Tower


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