A new home for me and my books

Just a quick post today – my boyfriend and I moved house at the weekend, from a tiny, dark flat into a light and airy Victorian terraced house. It is MARVELLOUS and one of the best things about it is that I now have roughly twice the amount of space for books! In our old flat I thought I had far too many, and there was never enough space for them, but now there is actually free space on the bookshelves, which I don’t think has ever happened to me before. Looksee:


The small subset of books on the right are my boyfriend’s – he has so few because there was so little space in the old flat that he had to store half his books at his mum’s house. And I have more books at my mum’s house too… so we might just fill the shelves!! Especially since, while packing, I filled one of those big blue Ikea bags with books for the charity shop (at least 50 I think). So it’s the perfect time to buy more…

I also wanted the mention the move for any publishers who might want to send me books, as I of course have a new address. So if you do want to send me a book, please email me at lizzi@theselittlewords.com

Yay for bookshelves!

7 thoughts on “A new home for me and my books”

  1. Congratulations on your move and acquiring a fabulous bookshelf! I’m sure you will have hours of pleasure unpacking all your books and arranging them. Much more satisfying than a kindle!!


  2. I do not like reading about certain bloggers who read rare books then i find out its on their KINDLE.And the rare book costs 99p .When someone spends time and money collecting real books it is a “kick in the teeth” to read such things.Glad you are anti KINDLE.


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