Donna Tartt Interviewed on CBS

A little more Donna Tartt excitement for you!

She recently recorded her only American TV appearance for This Morning on CBS, and here it is! The interviewer has some great questions but quite an odd way of talking that is a bit off-putting, and fades out the ends of Donna’s answers – but it is still excellent, especially as they go to see The Goldfinch (the actual one!!) in New York, which is wonderful. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Donna Tartt Interviewed on CBS”

  1. Many thanks for this, Lizzi! I see what you mean about the interviewer’s manner. Lovely to see the painting, too, but I wish the frame didn’t swamp it. It needs one that’s barely there so that the work can sing out. One of my bugbears…


    1. Yes, you’re right – the frame was overpowering. But still amazing to see it. I found it strange though that interviewer referred to Donna Tartt as ‘peculiar’ – we don’t think that over here!


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