2013 Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist Announced!

So here it is! The shortlist for the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2013. I had no idea how many would be chosen when I made my predictions, and luckily all those on the shortlist are ones I predicted would be! But like I said, I chose a very wide range of possible titles. Still quite pleased.

The titles on the shortlist are (all images from womenspriceforfiction.co.uk):

245533_Book_Scans_S12-378x584 Flight-Behaviour-378x568 life-after-life May-We-Be-Forgiven-378x578 245533_Book_Scans_S18-378x590 Whered-You-Go-Bernadette-378x576

Huge congratulations to all the authors, as well as their publishers! All the titles chosen have really impressed everyone who has read and reviewed them (I’ve got my eye on Where’d You Go Bernadette) and I reckon they are all worthy choices.

Personally I think Hilary Mantel and Zadie Smith have a very good chance, but they are a bit ‘safe’ as they are already very successful. Everyone has been going nuts over Life After Life, so realistically I think that has a very high chance of winning.

The winner will be announced on Wednesday 5th June at a special awards party in London – I’m very excited to hear the winner’s name. Who do you think it will be?

4 thoughts on “2013 Women’s Prize for Fiction Shortlist Announced!”

  1. I didn’t know whether to see this as an incredibly strong shortlist or an incredibly safe one. Still I suppose we shouldn’t complain if our established authors are continuing to come up with such excellent work.


    1. I know exactly what you mean – – we can’t live off new authors forever, and it’s nice to see favourite authors succeed. That said it’s always great to hear about new talent and celebrate it. I think this is a fairly predictable shortlist with no big surprises. Will still be interesting to see who wins!


  2. I think it’s strong and daring, Smith’s novel is experimental, Atkinson’s has a very different and unique structure and Semple’s in epistolary form. There are some well-known author’s, but they are all stretching conventions. Let’s see if anyone can succeed in pushing Mantel from her perch.


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