Published Today: How To Be A Good Wife by Emma Chapman

Just a quick note to say Happy Publication Day and Congratulations to the fantastic Emma Chapman! Her debut novel How To Be A Good Wife is published in hardback in the UK today by Picador. I reviewed the novel back in October and also interviewed Emma about her inspirations and writing process, as well as her next project (a novel about a war photographer in Vietnam, where Emma does a lot of charity work –  check out for more information).

How To Be A Good Wife is short and punchy, with intense psychological drama and intrigue, as well as wonderful moments of suspense and eerie strangeness. Marta, the narrator, is a ‘perfect’ wife to Hector – but she keeps having troubling hallucinations and comes to wonder if they are actually memories… suffice to say there is a creepy air of mystery about everything in Marta and Hector’s neat little life, and as the story unfolds more and more is revealed.

2013 hardback cover. Image:
2013 hardback cover. Image:

To learn more about the novel, and about Emma, visit I recommend this novel to anyone with an interest in psychology, mystery, relationships or indeed crime fiction. Now go buy it!

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