After Such Kindness by Gaynor Arnold on Fiction Uncovered

Recently I read Gaynor Arnold’s fantastic second novel After Such Kindness and reviewed it for the fantastic Fiction Uncovered. Here it is! At the end there is a link to a fantastic blog piece by Gaynor, talking about the book and its inspiration – the relationship between Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll. The two were friends and she apparently inspired the character of Alice in Alice in Wonderland and Alice Through the Looking Glass. Arnold takes their story and twists it around, creating fictional versions of both Alice and Carroll. Please read my review – as well as Arnold’s blog post – and definitely read After Such Kindness! A really fantastic book.

2012 hardback edition


After Such Kindness was published in the UK in July 2012 by Tindal Street Press. My copy was kindly provided by the publisher for review.

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