Another great writer from the Penguin Bloggers Night, Nell Leyshon read from ‘The Colour of Milk’ with real feeling and engaged us all. Read Hannah’s review on her blog Writing About Books – it’s really rather good.


this is my book and i am writing it by my own hand.(…) my name is mary and I have learned to spell it. m. a. r. y. that is how you letter it. 

On the very first page of Nell Leyshons newest bok, The Colour of Milk, we are introduced to the protagonist who, writing in first person is writing it by her own hand. Do not be scared off by this assumed tautology, but rest assured that it is set in 1831 and even if Jane Austen took it for granted to write not everybody else did. Definitely not hardworking fifteen-year-old farm girl Mary, whose hair I think it will surprise no one to learn is the colour of milk.

As Mary’s life is gradually introduced to us, it appears it was not easy to be her. With a truly horrible father, who beats his daughters…

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