Happy Birthday Mama!

My mum might not see this as she is still just about getting to grips with her iPad, but nonetheless I wanted to post a quick note, as today is her birthday (no, I’m not going to tell you how old she is – just that she’s older than me, luckily).

My mama is truly amazing, for a lot of reasons. One is her relationship with books. Our bookshelves are filled with her old books, all of which have nicely broken spines and well-thumbed pages. There’s a lot of D. H. Lawrence (she’s always adored Women in Love), Collette, and books about Katharine Hepburn and William Morris. There are also a few books about India thrown in for good measure, as my grandma was Anglo-Indian. My mum and auntie visited India the year before their mum died and have always been fascinated with the country. My auntie and cousin are there now as I type, on a train journey around Northern India, stopping along the way at the birthplaces of my grandma and great-grandma.

My mum reads less now that she used to – I think having children got her out of the habit – and I am constantly nagging her to read more. She recently read my copy of The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters and, I am pleased to report, loved it. She is now working on Tom-All-Alone’s by Lynn Shepherd, though I’m not sure what she thinks of it yet. My mum has unending wisdom about life, people, relationships, and everything else. For both me and her, books have always been a way to learn about people and relationships, and how the world works. I think my attitude towards reading comes from both my parents, and for that I am truly grateful. I thought I’d share some of her amazing books, and a cheesy one of me and her from 20 years ago (!!), cos why the hell not.

Weren’t we stylish in the 90s? And look at that computer!!

Love you mama x


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